Neko Cafe ( ねこcafe)


So I have been super busy lately which it why I have
n’t updated this blog. But I am now. I know that I am shit at updating but I swear I’ll try to be better. Anyway today I went with one of my friends to the cafe cafe in Hikone city. It is called にやんこっこ (nyankoko).They don’t have an English site but you can try to google translate it (haha). It is pretty easy to operate though even if you don’t understand Japanese.  You don’t need to make a reservation like most other places, you can just go anytime it’s open. The prices are not expensive. It is 900 yen for 1 hour or, I believe, 1,100 yen for free time which I think means unlimited. So I would suggest bringing your homework or something to do and just do that while you chill with the cats.And if you go during a special day in each month, they have a discount. Cat treats are about 100 yen and the drinks are 110 yen. Like I said, not too expensive. But speaking of the cats. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0206.JPGThey are so adorable. I recommend buying the treats because that way the cat will definitely come to you when they hear that bag wrinkling. A total de-stresser from classes and test if you need one.There are 2 floors of this place. There are about 13 cats in total there. It was a really relaxing atmosphere and they workers there were so nice but beware that they don’t speak much English so be prepared to speak that Japanese you have been learning. I can’t give you directions because I actually got a bit lost trying to get there but this student also wrote a blog on it with directions. So go check her out. But it was really nice day, a bit windy bur otherwise good. I don’t know how but I spent nearly 4,000 yen and I don’t know where it went ( I mean I do technically) but I’m in Japan, got to live a little (meaning I’m going to broke when I get back to the States if I keep saying that), lol.

じゃあ まった





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